Thursday, October 7, 2010

Truth be told...

I've been enjoying the 30 days of truth, but truth be told, it has really censored what I share about what doing and feeling in my current every day life.

My twists and turns continue.
My male interaction is just that... interaction - virtual interaction.
I'm chatting and texting and IM'ing.
And despite the fact that I LOVE to banter with a witty guy... face to face interaction is what I truly desire.
I would much rather hear his inflection and his laugh than to read LOL or LMAO.

I went a few weeks where I was "speed dating" (according to my friend, Laura).
I would "meet" a guy online, chat it up, go on a date, not be impressed, and then start the whole process ALL over again.
So, here I am. I guess, I am back at the "chat it up" stage.
Trust me. I'm really good at the "chat it up" stage.
But it's not where I want to be.

Also, I had a friend tell me today that I needed to watch my interaction with men that were not single. It caught me off guard. I have been cheated on. The last thing in the world I would ever do is be involved in a relationship where I helped someone else cheat on their partner! But it made me think... are my guy friends "thinking" of cheating when they talk to me? I mean, they are married and I am friends with their wives, and once every couple of months they call me to check up on me and then end up using me as a sounding board. I haven't ever thought of it as strange or indecent. We talk about life and work and family and kids. But is it wrong that I, a female, am being called by male friends just to talk?

Truth be told, I like it. I like that I have friends out in this world (be them male or female) that care enough about me to actually pick up the phone and call me to see how I am doing. Does that make them attracted to me where I should worry about whether or not I'm gonna ruin a marriage?


  1. Be cautious. Ask yourself, "Is this a conversation I would want my husband to have with another woman?"

  2. I think that the conversations that are in text tend to be a little more loose. Verses in person, people dont tend to say such sexual type things. They are a little more reserved.

    Texting is what got me into trouble with other men.

  3. My chatting, texting, and IMing is SOLELY to single men on the dating websites.

    My conversations with my male friends is always on the phone. They call me. I don't call them because I DON'T feel that is appropriate. Our conversations ARE conversations that I wouldn't mind if my man had with another woman. Seriously. They ask me how I'm doing and how my dating life is. We talk about my kids and theirs. Our conversations are NEVER sexual in nature, not even jokingly.

    But do I NOT answer the phone when they call? When I know it is just to see if I am still alive and kickin'?

  4. If these conversations are ones that you would easily have with their wives, that is friendship. If those conversations turn flirty, you're in dangerous territory.


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