Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When something doesn't feel right, it's God's way of telling you to turn around

I know in my last post I was floored.

But the strange part about it is... from day one of my assistant superintendent coming to ask me if I would be interested in that job, I was nervous.

Any time anyone would ask me about it, I would have a pit in my stomach. I would down-talk my chances of getting the job (even though the higher ups had assured me I was a shoe-in). I even convinced the gal, who got the job (a friend of mine), to apply for the position. (duh. I know.)

I tried really hard to tell myself that it was just because of the unknown... but really it was about what I knew I would be missing - the kids.

Sad that it had to be my ex, R, to point that out to me while I was dragging down in the bottom of the dumps the day I found out that I didn't get it.  He said, "You are a great teacher. Who is going to take care of the ones like RW if you don't?  It is for the best."

And he was right. (don't tell him I said that ;)