Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Can someone turn off that light??

So... I've decided that either I am sending off some VERY strong pheromones ... or someone has turned a sign like this beaming above my head and I just don't know it...:

Because in the past 2 weeks, I have been contacted by four (yes, FOUR) guys I have dated previously.

Now... I'm not talking like the one I broke up with 6 months ago (Honestly, I am really surprised he hasn't been thrown into this weirdness...), I'm talking about a guy I dated 4 years ago, and three I went on dates with three years ago.

They are all just "checking in".
I'm no dumbie.
"Checking in" means 'I'm lonely.'
"Checking in" means 'Are you lonely too?'
"Checking in" means 'Maybe... even though it didn't work before, it can work now?'

The thing is... I'm good.
I'm so slap busy that I don't know whether I'm coming or going, but I'm good... and I'm happy ... and I don't need a guy to keep me that way.

So... give me some strong soap to wash off those pheromones... Or maybe, could someone chuck a rock at that neon sign?... cause the light is keeping people up here.

Friday, June 20, 2014

I guess I will have to eat a little crow...

My brother moved in with me last October with plans of getting my sister-in-law's nail shop up and running before she quit her job and came here.
It was suppose to have opened in November... That didn't happen.

My sister-in-law joined my brother here in January.
Her nail shop opened in February.

Since March, I have been telling my brother (who is looking for his first teaching job) to apply EVERYWHERE!!

I told him that you don't get your dream job in the exact town that you want your first go around.  Sometimes you might have to drive... or take a grade level you don't want... or a subject you don't want just to get your foot in the door.

I got him a full time subbing job at my building.... In hopes that they would see the potential in him that I knew he had (and also with the hopes that I could eventually - sooner than later - get my house back!!)

But Tim, he was picky...
He would only apply for jobs within 15-20 minutes of my house or the nail shop.
If it was a grade level or subject he didn't want, he didn't apply.

I was getting SO frustrated!!

The end of the school year finished with Tim still being without a job next year.  I know that frustrated him... but it frustrated me even more knowing there were jobs out there he could have applied for, but didn't.

So, he went back to Wisconsin to paint houses for the summer and left his wife here with me.

The beginning of this week, he called to say he was coming back for an interview  the exact school he wanted to teach at  ... in the exact subject he wants to in.

He got the job.

Of course, I'm happy (Ecstatic really!!)  ...But it kinda means I have to eat a little crow. :/

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Instant Connections

Have you ever met someone that instantly became a friend?
That you felt like, even though you just met them, you have known them forever and could tell them just about anything?

I met someone like that this week...

Now, if you don't know me, you should know that I hold conversations with others easily... My bestie says I have never met a stranger and is convinced that is the reason why so many guys think I'm "the one" after the first date.

But, you see, just because they think that, doesn't mean I do...

Wait. Wait.  This post wasn't supposed to be about dating...  It's supposed to be about connections...

You know...Those undeniable, 'Are you sure we have only known each other 2 days?', 'I could hang out with you forever and never get bored.' connections.

Those connections that you wonder, "How was this person not in my life before?" and "How can I already miss someone who wasn't in my life less than a week ago?

If I believed in it, I would say we knew each other in a past life.
What I do believe though is that people are sent into your life for a reason... and feeling like I already knew them might have a purpose later on??