Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Criterion - Post It Note Tuesday

Only Parent Chronicles


  1. Whoa!!! Are we twins? ehehe... Well, except on the stubby fingers and small feet, we have the same criterion of whom I should date. Freaky! =))

    And LOL on the man boobs. Hehehe.. Right on, sister!

    Anyway, PINT newbie here.. Not yet a mom, but I hope it's okay to join this meme.. Please check out my post-its. I'd also appreciate it if you could drop a comment. Thanks a bunch!! =)

  2. I'm with ya. The small feet thing is just, well, weird!

  3. If I were dating, I'd agree with everything on this post. Especially the short part. I'm 5"2'. Doesn't get much shorter than that!

  4. Another reason I am so glad to be out of the dating scene. Eeek - never fun weeding through the losers!

  5. LOL Great Blog. New follower from blog hop
    Remember to enter the Spices & Rubs giveaway

  6. I so love the std comment. Do you really need to state this before the first date?


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