Thursday, October 21, 2010

stealth like moves ...except for the LOUD talking

I still can't get over my son sleep walking.
Most nights I will be sitting on my living room, grading papers, watching tv, or blogging way past my bedtime and without notice, Colby will wander into the room.

He could probably do it without me ever noticing... except that is, that he has the LOUDEST conversations EVER!

Okay... okay. I have to be honest here.
I admit it.
I'm a loud talker.
But in real life... not in sleep walker mode.
well... I don't sleep walk.
At least, I don't think I do.
and I don't talk in my sleep.
I mean, seriously, the few times I have ever snored in my sleep, I woke myself up!

So, any who... Colby scared the livin' daylights out of me!
'Cause the house will be dead-dog quiet and then from out of his room he'll wander out and shout out a conversation making me jump out of my skin.

Or he'll scream out and then start crying uncontrollably.

I have learned though, just to tell him that he is dreaming and to go back to bed.
Then the LOUD conversation quickly becomes mumbled or the crying ceases... and he heads back to bed.

Yeah... He might want to be a ninja for Halloween, but I don't think he should play one in real life.

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