Wednesday, June 21, 2017

You know my dad?!?

I'm sitting with my summer school group eating lunch. It is always a fight as to who gets to sit next to me at lunch.  It's something that secretly makes me smile.  Today, J. won the position. She is an ESL student and she is the sweetest little thing possible!

We are all having conversations and all of the kids are talking over each other trying to get their story told to me before lunch time is over. The little boy across from me finishes his story and I respond with "No way, Jose!"

Just then J. pipes up, "You know my dad?!?"
Me: "What sweetheart?"
J:"Jose. You know my dad?"
Me : (giggling) "No babe. It's a saying... Do you ever say 'No way Jose' to your dad?"
J: (looking confused) "No...I just call him Dad."

I will never be able to be able to hear someone say "No way Jose" without thinking "You know my dad?!?" LOL