Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Revolving Door - OR- My Spinning Head (whichever you prefer :)

Lately, my life feels like a revolving door - making my head spin.

I am coming across people I have not been in contact with for a long time...or don't really even know. I know this seems as if I am rambling... it is because these relationships are not clear in my head yet.

Maybe I should back up and give some background to this post...

Since my divorce, I have become a member of Myspace and Facebook (both online social networking utilities). I don't know why I felt like I should become a member of was just something that I thought I would like to try...kinda like blogging. :)

So, being on these sites have put me into contact with people from my past...and I guess people that might be part of my future. They have put me in contact with people who were really great friends of mine that I have lost contact with and it's great that I can now converse with them again. But that is not where my mind swims...

My mind swims when it comes to the people that might be part of my future:

I got an email from a guy that I went to high school with. ( Nothing unusual yet...I know.) This was I guy who did NOT remember me. He was one year ahead of me and I vaguely remember him. But because of our connection through this online utility, we have started to get to know each other. Crazy that we attended 3 years in the same high school and never spoke 2 words to each other and now I could tell you ALL about what is going on in his life right now!

The second instance is... I have been someone who has always enjoyed listening to music...but couldn't tell you artists or song titles. (I'm a visual just listening just doesn't cut it for me) But due to having access now through Myspace music, I am able to have the lyrics come up while I listen... so I get SOOO much more out of the music I am listening to! So, last week, I went to listen to a song and the artist did not have the lyrics attached. So I just left a comment asking for them to be added. Then, this week, the artist emailed me and thanked me for having 2 of his songs on my Myspace site. They were performed by 2 different bands, but he had written both (unbeknownst to me). We started emailing why certain songs speak so much to a certain person and he shared with me some new song lyrics he was working on. He asked for my input as to which ones spoke to me.

The third is a columnist that interviews celebrities about their favorite foods and recipes. Since my mom entered my brothers and I into the Mt. Vernon Recipe Contest every year, I was intrigued. So, we have started emailing.

Finally, the guy I dated there for a while seems to be coming in and out of my life which is making it really hard to move on. We have stayed good friends and when I don't see him I guess I suppress the feelings I have for him...but I have been seeing TOO much of him lately and so it's making it hard to keep the feelings in check. He is now dating someone else, so I am TRYING to stay at enough of a distance that I won't ruin that for him. The hard part is that I feel like if we lived closer to one another we would be together, but distance has played a factor.

I guess I am just wondering what purpose do these people have in my life??? And why is it that my life has never had these strange social interactions before?? Was it because I was so involved with my close knit circle that I didn't see beyond it?

So back to my simile from are these folks just slowly coming through my life for a short period of time (like in a revolving door) or will they be someone that I will continue to have contact with and relationships with???

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Onerepublic Concert

I went to the Onerepublic concert last night in Fayetteville and was glad the weather chose to cooperate. I went to a Dirks Bentley concert last summer in the pouring rain - not really an enjoyable time. I haven't been to a "rock" concert in years. The main difference from the past concerts I have been to is that last night we had seats and we had to stay at our seats (so it was a little hard to crowd surf - lol) - Strange to me, as all the others have been standing room only.

They were opened by a band called "Jackson Waters" - who were actually really good. They had lots of crowd involvement - even went as far as to have the crowd do the Arkansas Razorbacks Hog Call - perfect for all of the Arkansawyers out there - complete new experience for me - lol.

I had originally planned to take my friend, Tina - but due to work issues, she couldn't get off to come with me. So I asked Spencer to go - He said, "I guess I'll take one for the team." This, of course, gave me a perfect excuse to go shopping. You can't really see the whole thing - but that's my new shirt in the pic.

(And, yes, that is a sunburn you see me donning - we had field day at school on Friday - I made sure all my students had sunscreen on and forgot about myself - lol ;)

We had a great time! Even despite the girl two rows ahead of us that kept standing on her chair blocking our view so she could record the whole concert (illegal, btw). The nice thing was Onerepublic obviously is loved by all. We were both afraid that we might be the oldest ones there. (Spencer more than me - lol) But we weren't. And, of course, we were by no means the youngest either - which we might be if we went to the "KC and the Sunshine Band" playing there next weekend - lol.

So...there you have it - a time well spent. And if you're one of those people that is still wondering, "Who is Onerepublic?" feel free to check out their website and listen to a few of their songs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not AGAIN :(

I never cease to amaze myself! Tonight, I was innocently doing know thought it might be nice to wear clean clothes to the Onerepublic Concert I am going to tomorrow night. Washing all goes well. Then it comes to drying time. I throw my clothes into the dryer. Decide I can't remember when the last time it was that I changed the lint filter...and here is when "disaster" struck.

I had an ink pen on the top of the dryer and as I pulled the filter out, the ink pen fell in. (I have one of those shoots that is on top of the dryer.) I was like, "You've GOT to be kidding me! I don't have time for this!" So, I proceeded to remove the whole back of the dryer - which consisted of like 20 screws, only to find, once inside, more screws. I continued to remove screws...the only problem was parts weren't loosing up. So, I decide I better go look up a manual to help me out before I majorly screw something up. Yeah, let me tell you, I couldn't find a single one online that I didn't have to buy.

So I typed in my problem. Only solution I found was..."run dryer, fish missing item out when it comes through shoot outside. If item is too large, may make a clunking sound when hitting inside fan. If sound is heard, take apart dryer."

I had to laugh! For all the technology I can get my hands on, and this is the solution I find for something falling down my lint shoot! So... I went back upstairs and put back the million screws back into the dryer and I am hoping for the best - to NOT hear a "clunking" sound because heaven knows I am NOT going to find that ink pen coming through my shoot outside. LOL

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All I want is a plastic bag...Is that TOO much to ask??? -OR- Funnel cakes solve EVERYTHING

Well, I guess I didn't post this blog right away because I wanted to make sure that I wasn't writing it because I was in the heat of the moment...Now, I guess, I figured I took the time to type it...why not post it, right???

We (my boys and I) went to Silver Dollar City (SDC) Saturday with my best friend, Erin. We had a great time! The weather was nice and DESPITE all the people that were there, we didn't really feel crowded. We purposefully had NOT ridden the Lost River until the end. (mainly because I didn't want to hear my children complain that they were cold and wet - lol)

So... we get to the entrance where there stands an employee and a "gumball-type" machine - you know one of those that you can buy chinsy little trinkets from. But this one instead sold plastic bags for 50 cents. I know...I know. Just another way for them to make money - but I thought, "Hey, I have paid $15 for a misting fan from Disney World - 50 cents for a bag of plastic is nothing!" That, and I don't want my camera to get wet. So, I put in my money...Yep, you guessed it - nothing. So, I tell the employee. "Oh!" She tells me. "Well, it's okay, just tell them when you get up front." "Wow, that was a simple fix. " I thought to myself. Yeah, let me tell you...things are NEVER that simple for me. So we continue to wait in line...for 40 minutes. FINALLY, we arrive to the front. Here we are with another employee and another "gumball-type" machine. I tell the guy what happened up front - I am completely prepared to pull out another 50 cents, but again I am surprised by his response. "Just tell the lady when you get on the boat and she will give you a bag." "Good." I think, "At least I won't waste another 50 cents."

Here is where my good luck ends...I help Sam on the boat while Erin and Colby are close behind. I say to the lady on the boat, "I need a plastic bag." "I don't have any." She replied. "Well, the last 2 employees that I talked to told me you would give me a bag." I, then, went on to try to explain EVERY step of the process that I had gone to to ensure I had a bag and that every attempt failed. Her response was, "Sit down or get out of the boat!" "Can I get 50 cent out and go buy one really fast?" (I know I must have sounded dense - but I just wanted a freakin' plastic bag!) "Not unless you plan to get back in line!" "No...I have already waited 40 minutes to ride." By this time, this employee was inches away from my face and yelling, "SIT DOWN OR GET OUT OF THE BOAT!" I got out of the boat and walked out of the gate.

I am not a violent person, but my blood was boiling by this time. So, as this employee walked by me again, I said, (calmly - I might add :) "You might want to tell that other employee over there (pointing to the 2nd person that told me I would be getting a bag) that you don't have any bags." "DID you NOT hear me??? I DON"T have any!!!" was her response. "Yes, I heard you." Now having to grit my teeth. "I just figured I would save someone else from having to go through what I just went through." "Whatever" she said, as she walked away from me.

The man that came towards me next(a manager?) must have seen the smoke coming out of my ears because he quickly asked, "Is there a problem here?" I repeat the whole situation AGAIN as he walks me outside. His solution - "Does your family like funnel cakes?" He asks with a smile. "Sure...Whatever." is my response. (I figure, by now, something is better than nothing... and I had been worn down by 40 minutes of waiting for a ride I didn't even get to ride.) He continued to explain that the "baggie machines" are new and they are still working out the kinks, as he writes out my free funnel cake certificate.

So... I guess what I want everyone to get out of this post is:
1. Bring your own plastic bag to SDC
2. Bring your fighting face to the Lost River
3. Be prepared to be offered a funnel cake from me the next time I see you are in a conflict - lol

Thursday, May 15, 2008

They grow up TOO fast!

My 5 year old son graduated tonight...from preschool that is! :)

He has had two of the best teachers a kid could ask for to start out their educational career.

Miss Cathy

Miss Becky

I did not think I would get teary eyed this evening (I mean it is just preschool, and all) but when Colby's teacher told me that he was one of the main reasons she succumbed to tears today...I lost it!

Now I realize that this teacher could have easily told every single parent there, what she told me, but somehow I don't believe she did!

I just hope I see just as big of smiles from this boy of mine here in about 13 years...that and I'm sure you will see just as many tears from me. :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Good Ol' Johnny

I head out of my garage today pushing my lawn mower. Since we have gotten SOOO much rain lately - it is time to cut my grass AGAIN!

Before I could even get my mower started - here comes Johnny out of his house (see my first posting if you don't know where I'm going with this).

"Hey there Dawn!" hollers Johnny. "You didn't go and put any more oil into that sucker, now did you?" "No, I promise!" I reply laughing. " remember what you promised me...that you will come get me the next time you want to do that." Johnny says jokingly (but I could tell somehow he was being VERY serious) "I will, I will...I promise!"

Then Johnny hollers to my other neighbor, Bob, who is sitting on his back porch - unbeknownst to me until that point. "Hey Bob! Did Dawn tell you what she did??? She put at least a quart of oil in that little ol' mower of hers. BOY - did she make a mess of it!" Both men started chuckling. I nod my head, somehow knowing that little blunder of mine will be brought up MANY, MANY times before I live it down! Glad I can bring humor to all their lives :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is he really MY child?

Laughing and shaking my head, I write this post. You, see, my youngest son Sam sometimes does things that make me wonder, "Who has raised this child???"

Let me give you a synopsis of the past few days...
Sunday, in church, at probably the quietest moment (right after the sermon was done), Sam lets out this belch - a belch that you look around for because you KNOW it couldn't have come from someone little - but it did! It came from MY 3 year old! And did he stop there...Oh no! As loud as the belch was, his apology was equally as loud. "EXCUUUUUUUSE ME!" He shouts. Only for my face to turn an even deeper shade of red than it had from the belch.

Later that day, Robbie had taken the boys to the park. He had noticed that there was a baby shower going on in the pavilion, so he had directed the boys to the other end of the playground. At one point and time Robbie sees Sam running over towards the pavilion. Before he could say anything, Sam yanks down his pants and starts peeing on the grass. Now mind you, he's not modestly peeing on the grass...Oh no, not my son...He is seeing how far he can spray and swirling it back and forth. Robbie decides this is a good time to pretend he does NOT know who this child could possibly belong to - only for Sam to yell, "Dad! Dad! I'm over here! Come pull up my pants!"

So, here we are today. (This one I just have to shake my head and be amazed - I think so I don't drive myself to the local loony bin.) Sam falls asleep on the way home. Once we're home I decide I need to get him up so he will go to bed tonight. I take him out of the car and talk to him as I carry him into the living room. I ask him if he needs to go to the bathroom (since he had been asleep for about a half hour and we're potty training). He tells me, "No." "Are you sure?" He's sure! So I go back out to the garage to grab my bag, only for Colby to come yelling at me, "MOM!!! Sam's peeing! ... IN THE LIVING ROOM!!!" I came flying back inside. It was like a part in a movie where everything goes to slow motion. I looked at Sam - "NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!! What... are... you... doing???" I yanked him up (still peeing, mind you) and raced to the bathroom. "Pee here!" I say, as I place him in front of the toilet. About this time, I see life come to his eyes... he knows by what I just said he has done something wrong, but he doesn't know what. He starts crying, " I don't have to pee!" (I now know he was literally "half asleep" when he chose to pee on my carpet.) So... I just laugh saying to him, "Of course you don't need to pee."

Trust me ... when you see a child acting absolutely AWFUL. Sometimes it is because the parents have not done their job...but other times... it's just that we aren't claiming they are ours today! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I make a GREAT friend!!!

For those of you that don't know it - I have rejoined the dating world. I guess though to "rejoin" something you would have to be a member previously, right?

I mean...don't get me wrong - Robbie and I dated for 3 years before we got married, but before him, I didn't have a LOT of dating experience. I was the girl that always hung out with the guys, got all of their jokes, got to hear all of their complaints (about other girls), yet none of them dated me...because I was "one of the guys". I am... back in unfamiliar territory for me. I put myself out on a limb and started dating. I met this guy. We hit it off - we have the same sense of humor. It was truly strange because we would say the same things at the same time...all the time. Many of you would think - now that's fate! Not me. I, guess, because I was burnt before, I was being cautious. I didn't want to like him TOO much and get that high and then be dumped and be baffled. Yet, somehow... you can't avoid that high. I couldn't wait to hear from him daily - in fact, it drove me crazy until I did hear from him. But I refused to be one of those psycho chicks that stalks her new man, so I would try not to call TOO much -lol. The crazy thing about my relationship with him is that we told each other everything -I mean EVERYTHING! I even went as far as to tell him that if I was calling him TOO much, to please tell me and I would stop. (I got made fun of that from him for quite some time - but it didn't matter, that was our joke and I liked it.)

So, here we are today - the whole reason for this post...
I did it again... I have made a new friend.

Some of you are probably like, "What???!!" right now. So let me explain the not so black and white. I have fallen into my own personal trap of making a guy my friend, not my boyfriend, just my friend. I'm not trying to say this is a bad thing - just NOT where I thought I was heading - going back to the dating scene and all.

Sooo...Your next question is probably, "So do you really think you will be friends, now that you have dated?" And my response to that is "Oh, yes!" You see, maybe it is because I grew up with three brothers, or some other feeble excuse...but I know how to be an excellent friend to guys and this guy is no exception. We enjoy each others' company, we like to call and share our day with each other, we just aren't dating. The strange thing is ... I'm okay with it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Week

For those of you who don't know, it is Teacher Appreciation Week. I, being a teacher, have not really ever put too much thought into this week. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want to be appreciated, I do! - It's just that this week has always just brought cheap, little chinsy gifts that I ultimately end up selling in some garage sale. lol

But I had a mother turn my thoughts on Teacher Appreciation Week around today...for those if you that don't know it yet (and I'm afraid I might have fallen into this category), this is what showing your appreciation actually looks doesn't have to come in a big fancy gift ~even though I like those too :) ~ it just has to touch someone's heart - which this did.

This is the email I received today.

"I wanted to start this special week for teachers off by saying thank you.Thank you for putting up with me sometimes when I seem high maintenance with my daughter. Thank you for teaching her in a way that she talks about you all the time at home.Thank you for reading wonderful,challenging books to her.Thank you. Have a great day!"

Let me just tell you I DO feel appreciated because of that! I feel like I should be sending BIG thank yous to this mom for opening my eyes and showing me what Teacher Appreciation Week is TRULY all about!

So... for those of you who are still being touched by a teacher in some way, whether it be yourself or through your child, take it from me - a few little words, that don't cost a dime, go a long way!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all my fellow teachers!!! :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Thought provoking questions???

Many of you have asked how my reunion weekend went - it was wonderful!!! Despite the fact that I suffered from a little technology withdrawal (there was no TV , internet, or cell service - it drove me crazy my cell constently was "searching"), we all had a great time! It's been a long time since I laid in bed and just snickered in the dark - I guess that comes with hanging out with girlfriends and staying up way past my bedtime.

Saturday morning brought us out into the wilderness of Arkansas. The couple, whose cabin we stayed in, led the hike. I was completely thankful that they took it easy on us and that we didn't have to do any MAJOR climbing - I mean, I saw beautiful scenery that I definitely wouldn't have wanted to miss, but I also don't like the idea of having to exert a lot of extra energy to do so - lol. Here are some pictures I captured along the way.

Saturday night we played a series of games including Farkel (dice game of chance) The funny thing is growing up I called "Rock, paper, scissors" (or scissors, paper, rock - as Maria called it - lol) by the name Farkel, so it was interesting to actually learn the "right" game. We also played game called Zobmondo. It was a game of "Would you rather...?" Most of the questions were either down right disgusting (Would you rather lick the sugar off the sweaty armpit of an obese woman or syrup from her linty belly button?) or down right ridiculous ("Would you rather bite the curb and get kicked in the back of the head or get a paper cut on your eyeball?"). There were some thought-provoking questions, ("Would you rather find condoms or "uppers" in your 14 year old's room?") that we discussed for a while till we decided the conversation had become TOO serious for this fun weekend. The part of the game that made it the most fun though were that of questions like "Would you rather have no depth perception or hear everything 8.2 seconds after it is said?" We, being slightly drunk and definitely lacking in sleep, would then ask each other things and attempt to wait 8.2 seconds before responding. Stupid, I know...but hilarious all the same.

So if you can't tell... I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend of seclusion, but the next time I ask "What did you say?" (as I do quite often) just realize it is just my 8.2 seconds catching up... not my lack of attention - lol

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm capable...really I am!

Since I have become recently single again, I have found myself doing a LOT of "handyman" jobs around my house. I guess, I should preface with the fact that I have always done these kinds of things - growing up my mom never labeled jobs as having a gender and throughout my marriage I have always been the "mechanical" one.

So, with that being said, I have felt very inapt in the last couple of weeks. My first BIG handyman job came in the form of my hot water heater not doing its job. I thought, "Hey I've changed out an element before, no biggie." Somehow in the draining, the changing, and the refilling, I missed the gasket that keeps the element from leaking. In turn, I had to call in male assistance. From whom I got a shaking of his head, as the solution was a simple one. Even though he was more than happy to help, I felt more than ridiculous.

My next flub came today. I came home from my reunion weekend to find my grass had grown majorly over the weekend. I had remembered that my lawnmower had run kind of rough the last time I used it, so I thought - "I bet ya that sucker needs some oil to lubricate the motor." I read on the side the max amount of oil that should be added. I added about 3/4 of that amount. In my mind I was thinking, "If a little bit of oil, does a good job...than a little bit more will do a GREAT job!" Boy, was I WRONG!!!!

I started the mower and smoke went everywhere!! I called for male assistance again. I was told to siphon the oil out with whatever I had available - I had a straw - lol. Let me just tell you, I am one of those very trusting people that if you told me to pick my nose and rub the boogers on something to make it run better - I, trusting that you were a good friend and wouldn't turn me wrong, would probably do it. Maybe... not my best quality. So... here I am siphoning with a straw. As I am squatting in front of my mower my neighbor, Johnny, calls to me, "Dawn, you having problems?" "Just a few" I reply.

So here comes Johnny. Johnny is a retired fellow from Georgia. His grandkids play with my boys. His southern drawl is overly noticeable. I tell him what my problem is. He tells me, "Don't worry Darlin' this will be a quick fix." I laugh now because I now know what the future will hold. He rolls my lawnmower over and starts draining the extra oil out. Then he checks the dipstick. "Darlin' how much oil DID you put in here?" he asks. All I could do is shrug. He continues to drain the oil. After he has done this procedure several times, he pulls out the dipstick and says, "See this line here - the oil needs to stay BELOW that." I nod...thinking how many times I have read a dipstick and know exactly where the oil should hit. Johnny then starts the mower - black smoke and oil spew EVERYWHERE! He then removes the muffler and pours more oil out, and then he removes the air filter which is dripping with oil. He cleans the muffler and tells me I will need a new filter. I agree to go buy one. Now Johnny looks at me and says, "Darlin' next time you want to add oil...just call me." I smile and nod.

So 2 hours after I originally started... I have a new filter on my mower, the right amount of oil in it, and the knowledge to know better next time that...Too much of a good thing, is not always a good thing. Thanks Johnny!!!