Monday, July 2, 2012

You can't take it with you when you die

I feel like I work and I work in hopes to get ahead just a little financially... a cushion if you will.
(For all of you that are like, "Whh-wh-wait. It's summer. You're not working!! - boy howdy are you wrong!!)
I taught summer school and have been busy with cakes.
Here's my latest for a Tangled themed birthday.

So about 2 weeks ago... I'm sitting, smiling, dreaming of all the wonderful things I would be doing with the nice little cushion I was creating.

Last week I went to the dentist for a crown.
Root canal... and then I still needed the crown.
Go back today for another crown.
Boom! Boom!
Another root canal and 2 crowns.

So that cushion... the one that I thought I might enjoy on a new school wardrobe.
Yeah... The dentist is getting one instead.


  1. beautiful cake! Sorry about the crown and the root canal. What a bummer!
    Hope you are enjoying some of your summer though!

  2. Sorry about the dental drama. Dental work is so pricey and painful. Sucky sucky!

  3. Oh man...that really sucks. :( But the cake is sure cute. Not really any consolation, I guess.

  4. Crap! That's awful:0). I made the mistake of not going to the dentist for a while *ahem over 6 years* and that mistake cost me over £200 and a whole lot of pain. So, I really sympathise.

    Amazing cakes though Dawn, am very very jealous...x


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