Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Find the child inside yourself

I tend to over think things sometimes.
I (without trying) play scenarios in my head when I take the boys to new places to prepare for the "what if" situations.

What if... someone takes one of the boys? what are they wearing?
What if... one of them gets lost? Where should I tell them to meet?
What if... the building catches on fire?  Where's the nearest exit?

I know those are all to protect my children and myself... but then there are the ones like:

What if... they aren't remembering any of the things I'm telling them?
What if... they don't enjoy this fun day I've planned?
What if... my deodorant stops working before my day ends?

Yeah... I know. Silly, right?

Thankfully, today, my brother, Michael, told me to get out of my head... and to "find the child inside yourself".

Who knew I needed such advice??

I guess it helped that we went to The Children's Museum of Houston...
It was much easier to find my inner child there.
Don't worry... I'm not THAT short. I was on my knees :)
I think Uncle Michael might have found his inner child too...
four-sided Twister

and I'm not sure... but I'm pretty sure the boys had a good time. ;)
testing out the elasticity of rubber

Colby making his own exercise video

Sam making a waterfall

Colby being the waiter

Sam being the short-order cook

Colby "the scientist"

Talking on the video phone... funny how these used to just be pretend.


  1. That looks like the most fun place! I like that the "big kids" get to play too.

  2. Morning, looks like you had fun!

    Wow, we were separated at birth... I really tend to over think and over analyse everything too


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