Monday, July 16, 2012

It's ALL about eating

So... here we've made it to Monday...and we're leaving Houston tomorrow.

So... as a good mom, how do we spend the day??

Laundry ... and eating.

First thing on the eating docket... The Farmer's Market.
It was amazing!!

The boys were sad we didn't buy one of these... but where to put it?  They were HUGE!!

Then we had lunch... Pei Wei is a restaurant that we don't have at home... and I love.

The boys love it too!

Love that they give "chopstick buddies"

 Caught Sam with his mouth full!!

Then we went and packed the car... and had a going away dinner.

They didn't have a table big enough for all of us... so the hostess ask if it would be okay for the boys to sit in recliners and watch tv while they enjoyed their dinner.
I would have been a bad mom had I said no... mainly because the boys didn't even wait for me to answer the hostess. :)

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  1. Amazing! Bet they loved it. It's great to see all round smiles.


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