Friday, July 13, 2012

Geek-ing them up

So... R. (my ex) called to talk to the boys today.
Before I handed the phone over to them, he asked me what our plans were for the day.
I told him we were headed to The Science Museum of Houston.
His response, "Wow. You're really geek-ing them up, aren't you?"
He said it sarcastically, but it pissed me off!!

I realize that sports is his life... that he is trying to make our boys' lives all about it too... but that's why I'm here.
I'm here to show my children that there needs to be a balance in their lives.
That it is okay to enjoy art and music... and the sciences.

We learned about dinosaurs...

Look out Colby!!!
 The insects...
riding the giant catepillar

pink kaydid

Uncle Michael don't let that giant beetle get Sam!!

What is it Sam?

Love all of these boys!
 And the laws of motion...
Colby & Shane on the gyro- sphere

So... at least for today, consider my children geek-ed up.


  1. Geeks rule the world. Nothing wrong with a little FUN learning on vacation!

  2. It'll feed their imagination and EVERYONE needs one of those surely!

    Looks like fun although not a huge creepy crawler fact just a tad girlie about them to be honest hehehe


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