Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family... like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one

My brother, Michael, and I truly haven't hung out together since college... that was 15 years ago umm... let's not think about it.

Of course, since then we have grown up and led our own separate lives.  We, of course, have kept in touch, but we didn't really "know" each other.

To be honest, Facebook has kept us up to date with how each other live and who we hang out with.

Sad, I know.

Three years ago, the boys and I came and spent 2 days in Texas with Michael.  We basically saw each other in passing... so even though I finally got to meet Brian (Michael's boyfriend of 8+ years - at the time), I didn't really get to re-know my brother.

So, it was meant to be when the boys and I were trying to figure out our vacation plans this summer and the funds got tight... and Michael invited us down to stay a week with him and Brian.

Now let me tell you...
My boys and I say prayers every night thanking God for the people in our lives.  Uncle Michael and Uncle Brian are always included.  Just recently I explained to the boys how Uncle Michael and Brian are in love like many men and women are in love... and that's okay... as long as we have someone in our lives that loves us, that's all we need.  (I figured I would rather get the questions out of the way at home, rather than have some embarrassing moments in front of Michael and Brian.) My boys didn't seem to need any explanation... that were just like, "Yeah, okay Mom. That makes sense."

When we arrived, again they acted normal... as kids do.
They climbed up next to Brian and had a snack.

I should have known my children wouldn't just sit quietly on the couch... no, while I am getting our stuff situated, they get nosy... and then I hear "Uncle Michael, Uncle Michael! What's in that trunk??"  "Ummmm... costumes."

Then my boys came scurrying down the hall. "Mom, is it okay that we get dressed up in Uncle Michael's costumes?  He told us we had to ask."

I started to laugh... because I have seen Michael's pictures on FB of him and Brian in his crazy costumes... I was just hoping they weren't too crazy.

I enter the room... I could see the hesitation on Michael's face.
"It's fine. We dress up at home all the time." I say.

And then the fun began.

I'm glad I didn't limit my boys' experiences because of stereotypes.

I have also learned a lot...
Since I have been here...
I have learned how much Michael and I truly are alike.
We are both night owls.
We both like to sleep in.
We both like to take naps... and can take short ones to re-energize.
We both like anything pickled.
We both get grumpy when we get hungry.
We both can spend endless amounts of time on the internet.
Yeah... getting re- acquainted with my brother has been a good thing.

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  1. I am loving the vacation pictures. It looks like you guys are having an amazing time! The picture of Michael and the boys is priceless! I can't tell who is having the most fun! :)


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