Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update on the A/C

So... about $500, three HVAC companies(4 service calls), and a week later and my a/c is fixed.
*knock on wood* *fingers crossed* etc. etc.

The last company (who just so happens repairs things for my school) found that it was NOT the capacitor (yes, I did pay for a new one a week ago) and it was NOT the breaker (yes, I did pay for a new one less than a week ago) and it was NOT my wiring. (Thank goodness I did NOT have to pay for that!!)

It was a bad fan motor...
a bad fan motor that would stop the fan from running... which would not be pulling energy from the capacitor... which would heat up the wiring... which would trip my breaker.

You see... the other 2 companies were at my house and gone in less than a half an hour.  The fixed what they thought had to be the problem... even though they BOTH admitted to the fact that they really couldn't find the source.

And, yes, I did have to pay for that "service".

Thankfully the last guy actually listened to me when I told him that it would run for about an hour before it flipped the breaker. He did all of his diagnostic checks like the other 2 had... but then he sat and waited. He told me he wouldn't charge me extra for the time because he wanted to solve the problem.

So he sat... in 100+ weather... waiting.... and it paid off.
The fan stopped... the capacitor was still going.
He jumped up and pulled the breaker. (before I would need a new capacitor again.)

I'm thankful that it's fixed.
I'm thankful I found someone who actually took the time to find the problem.
I just wish that could have happened a week (and about $400) ago

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  1. ugh, well I am glad you got it fixed. My AC in my classroom had a dead motor due to a grasshopper. The same thing happened everyone came in and tried to "fix it" Only when someone decided to stick around and listen did they find the grasshopper and then it was fixed.


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