Monday, July 9, 2012

In my head...

Some times it's a pleasant place to be.
I find humor in the smallest things.
Like last night... our waiter was acting all nervous and he said it was his first week and that he didn't think he had killed anyone yet.  So when he came by the second time, I pretended like I was dying just to lighten the mood and let him know that even if he did do something wrong, it wouldn't actually kill us. Or the little boy who was dancing at the table next to us (oblivious to us) trying to keep his little sister entertained.

I am creative.
I somehow 'see' things in a different light than others see them.
This has been very helpful with my cake decorating.
I look at the finished product and can step myself backwards to know exactly how to get from the beginning to the finished product.

Other times though... being in my head... it's overwhelming.
I play and re-play... and re-play situations and scenarios.
I think about how I could have changed things if only this had happened.
I try to pre-plan things that are to come so I get the outcome I think I want.
I stress about things that 'if I only had a little more time' this could happen.
With cake decorating, as soon as an idea is presented, my mind starts to work on it... all the time. Until the cake is finished. That's why I'm exhausted by the time I deliver a cake.  That's why I tell people I don't want to do them full time... because my brain doesn't allow for down time when it come to them.
Times... when it's overwhelming... I can see how people go crazy.

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