Friday, July 20, 2012

Driving is driving me crazy

Driving makes me a little crazy...
I think airplanes were invented because of people like me.

I mean... sure I love to see the countryside as much as the next person.
Just look at this Texas landscape... who couldn't love that?
With the puffy clouds and the blue skies...
 But what I am seeing is that long stretch of road... and children sleeping...
 ...and children...ummm... I think he is watching a movie (and covering his head because the sun was in his eyes... but I can't be for sure.)

and then, of course, they swap places.

It just makes me more than a little stir crazy to be home
Have I mentioned how *I* was the "sleeper" as a kid??
No, well... don't worry... I stayed awake. I mean... just look at those clouds... who would want to miss those??

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