Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friendship is like wetting your pants... Everyone can see it, but only YOU can feel the true warmth

We pulled out Tuesday morning to head north of Dallas.

One of my college friends, Suzanne, lives there.

Man, how I have missed her!!

Originally we were going to spend the night and head on the next day, but once I was in Texas, I was like, "Heck no. I haven't seen this woman for 4 years!"

That's right... four years!
How in the world has four years passed without us seeing each other?
Oh yeah... it's this little thing we like to call life.

So, we arrived Tuesday afternoon and stayed till Thursday morning... wish we could have stayed longer... but there's that pesky little thing called life that was calling us back home.

Suz and I have a friendship that is one of those that it doesn't matter that it has been four years... we pick back up like it was yesterday that we saw each other.

We talked... and talked... and talked some more.
(We might have stayed up way past Suzanne's bedtime... and we might have partaken in a yummy new vodka that she introduced to me - Smirnoff Whipped Cream... but all of that is just speculation.)
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But then the next day, I did what any good friend would do...
I helped Suzanne re-arrange her house.

And she repaid me by letting me sit on her kitchen table eating homemade ice cream while she gave me a pedicure. Yeah... cause she's awesome like that!

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