Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top ten reasons you know your A/C is NOT working

10. The temperature between your house and your garage does not change... in fact, it might be cooler in the garage.

9. The junk mail (that normally get immediately thrown away) is saved because those magazines make good hand-held fans.

8. The COLD shower that you took made you feel muggy ...on top of hotter.

7. The 3 boxes of popsicles you bought less than a week ago (that would normally last you over a month) are already gone.

6. You open the fridge (not because you are hungry - you're TOO hot for that) but for a little relief.

5. You have been to the gas station, the store, and the bank just to hang out and enjoy their air conditioning... and because they are close in case the repairman says he is on his way.

4. You have convinced yourself that the fan blowing 90 degree air at you is "refreshing:".

3. Your children lay on the couch saying that they can't do anything because it's too hot... but you know that's exactly what they would be doing if the a/c was on.

2. The sweat running down the back of your leg is more of a stream than a drip.

1. You're not sure if your delirium is from the heat... or lack of food (cause you're too hot to eat)... or if you have always been this crazy... but your not willing to question it because you're just SO dang hot!!


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