Monday, July 9, 2012

Floating on Cloud 8 ... cause I'm not quite to Cloud 9 yet

I finally feel like my summer has started!!
Besides flashing people relaxing on the house boat on the 4th, I went floating this weekend and I went on a date. (Yep. You heard me... a date)

First the float trip...
The float trip was unlike any that I have ever been on... or hope to be on ever again.  I think we found the only float-able river in the state of Missouri along with a few thousand other people.

It was like Marti Gras... meet the people of Walmart... meet drunken frat party.
There were more boobies being shown by women that had no reason to be showing anything... to boys (yes, and I mean boys) that shouldn't have had access to Marti Gras beads in the first place.

I was overjoyed elated SOOOO happy that the boys did not get to come along!!  Because I spent my day coming up new distraction techniques to keep Laura and Bill's 5 year old daughter from seeing things she should not be. "Look Bella!  Did you see that turtle? Over here! Look over here!  He just peeked his head up. Did you see it? Keep looking... I'm sure he will peek up again."

Yeah... it's a good thing I love these two (Laura and Bill) that I care for the well being of their daughter. :)

So... the date.
He's a nice normal guy (from what I can tell so far.)
We have the same sense of humor.
But what I like about him the most so far... is that I told him that I want to take it slow and he is respecting that... even though he may not want to.
That's what I think I need right now.

My mind (and heart) is not ready for something over the top serious right now. So if he can remember to keep cooling his jets, he will get further than if he tries to push things along.
So... we'll see...


  1. I am happy to read your updates. While we don't have any floating experiences we do have tubing activities and it's basically the same crowd!.

  2. Holy moses that's a lot of people! Now I remember why we avoid floating on holiday weekends! The river brings out an interesting sort of Missourian, doesn't it?


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