Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wrestling with gators... and no, I'm not talking about my children.

It managed to rain every day from the time we arrived in Houston.

One of the places that I had promised the boys was to go to a gator farm... yet, it rained... and rained... and rained some more.

So the one morning that we woke up and it wasn't raining we decided to head toward Beaumont.
(It rained on our way there... but we won't talk about that)

We arrived... and the boys were so excited!!

 They had watched this guy many times on River Monsters.

We found out that due to flooding most of the gators had escaped the day before... thankfully they were back in their pens by the time we arrived.
 Colby having a bit of fun with a gator. (Don't worry... this one was fake... all the others though completely real!!)

Yep. this one is a real one... and yes, he looked like he wanted to eat us for dinner.
... and then he called his buddies.

 So... what did we agree to do?? Catch one...

and sit on him... He is telling me, "Whatever you do... don't let go!!"

 "Oh!" I think was my response.

The boys were excited to meet Gary Saurage.

As we left there, the skies were still blue... so we headed towards the beach.

But before we got there... we (unfortunately) came across gator road kill. Something I never thought I would see.

We hadn't planned for the beach, so I told the boys to hike up their shorts and to wade.

Despite my best efforts... the boys did NOT stay dry. (surprise, surprise)
Sam fell in... so I rung out his shirt and gave them the go ahead.

Which made them VERY happy!!

As we head back to Houston... the clouds began to roll in.


  1. Agh! I could not have sat upon that gator. Just couldn't do it! You are a brave woman. The picture of the three of you at the beach may be my favorite ever! Very sweet. As for gator road kill? Well I just had no idea! Can you imagine running over an alligator!?

    1. No... in fact, there was half of a bumper next to the road kill which tells me it was NOT a fun experience for the person that hit it.

  2. Wow, the boys look like they are having a ball and like they get on really well together. If that had been my sister and me...we would have been trying to drown each other lol.


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