Friday, August 19, 2011

Why I haven't posted - Friday Confessional


I confess... I have SO much left to share from our vacation and my brother's wedding... but, of course, I got back home and reality struck.

I confess... I had to get back to work on Monday after driving the whole way from Wisconsin on Sunday.

I confess... It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be... even after spending the night in a hotel with a screaming toddler next door who cried from 11pm till 4 am...

I confess... I just laughed when Colby questioned "Why haven't you done laundry yet mom?" when they got back home to me Wed. night after I had 'Meet the Teacher' Night on Monday, meetings all day Monday and Tuesday, and school started Wednesday.    .

I confess...  that my class this year is pretty much a bunch of wonderful!!!!!

I confess... I honestly can say I was dreading day #1.  But knew I was in for a treat when my colleague next door came to see if we were even in the room because it was sooo quiet. (There wasn't a single quiet day last year... there was always a hum about them... it was exhausting!!)

I confess... Today I received the nicest compliment from a colleague... They said, "Dawn, you are beautiful on the outside... but more importantly you are beautiful in the inside.  You never hesitate to help someone out when they need it."

I confess... I needed that.

I confess... My ac in my classroom was out all day.

I confess... I think it made me a little delirious.

I confess... I plan to move tomorrow to the empty room that my bestie, Laura, left when she went to 2nd grade if mine isn't fixed.

I confess... I might not tell anybody in the school just for fun... to see if they can find me. haha


  1. WOW your class sounds great, your mini vacation sounded wonderful as well but I was having password issues which led to trouble commenting. School doesn't start for another week or so here, I really wish I was moving on but the powers that be are keeping me where I am.

  2. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  3. Sounds like you have great year ahead. I LOVED my class last year, so am kinda nervous to meet my new batch. I wish every year could be the greatest year ever! I just got an AC put into my classroom. Finally!!!! It was heavenly working in there yesterday with the cool air blowing! Hopefully yours is fixed by now!


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