Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth... just yet

So... I'm sure you all thought, "Huh. August started... Where's Dawn??"
Or, maybe, you didn't give two shin diggities about where I've been.

Either way, I got straight back into my classroom August 1st.
After the year that I had last year, I can honestly say, getting back to work hasn't exactly made me jump for joy.
But, I had no choice.
My brother is getting married ...and I only had last week to get things sorted out, and put back together so I would feel (at least) semi-excited a new school year was starting.

I did all my normal stuff:
-re-arrange desks
-put down name tags
-make open house packets

But I just couldn't shake off the feeling of the badness that occurred in my room last year.
So... despite the fact that I didn't have time... I redid all of my bulletin boards. I made new labels for my book boxes.... I gave my room a face lift it so desperately needed!!

I sighed as I walked out... cause I know I have a good group of kiddos coming my way... and now I actually feel ready for them to join me.

(Come back and see me tomorrow... I'll show you what else I have been up to. ;)


  1. Hi Dawn,

    Don't you find this kind of 'spring cleaning' therapeutic? Whenever I've gone through something emotional or difficult I always find going through things and throwing them away or just rearranging things give me a much more positive outlook. Its spiritually cleansing I find.

    Hope you're good x

  2. I am excited to get back into my classroom! I have to wait until next Wednesday. Congrats on the makeover! how about a pic for inspiration?

  3. Natasha, I am good!! :)

    Barb, I forgot to take one before I left... but will DEF do so when I return and post it for all to see :)


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