Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No rest for the weary

So we left Chicago the evening of the 10th and drove up to Milwaukee.

The next morning, (Thursday, Aug 11), we got up and headed over to my brother's fiance's family's house so I could begin baking the wedding cake. (Yes... I agreed to make the wedding cake. No... I have never made a wedding cake before. Yes... I was nervous that I might screw the whole thing up and I would be known for the "Wedding Cake Disaster." No... I didn't tell anyone this... confidence is key.)

While the cakes cooled, I took the boys back to the hotel to let them swim in the pool.

You see... my boys' one request was that we stayed in a hotel with a pool. So... I found us one.  Someone forgot to let them in on the little secret that just cause you stay at a hotel with a pool... doesn't mean you get to swim at it.

Kidding. Kidding. Kinda.  We ended up having one hour for the boys to swim... not just that day... Nope.  The entire time we were there!!
I felt so bad.
But what was I to do??
I had a cake to make.

The next day we had rehearsal and set up... and the rehearsal dinner... Time to spend with the family...

...but no time for swimming...

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