Thursday, August 11, 2011

I went to the zoo. I thought of you.

The boys and I set out on this adventure we will call a vacation... I have a feeling by the time it is all said and done, I will  need a vacation!!  Instead, I will get to start school.

Pulling out... No turning back now.
Day 1 consisted of us meeting up with my bestie, Laura, and her daughter in St. Louis to go to the zoo.

We went to visit the monkeys... so we could get a picture of all of the monkeys together... Some would not cooperate...
Yes... that would be the backside of a monkey...

It was SOOOOO hot out... we stopped under the mister fans every chance we got!!

Then we rode the carousel. I didn't include the pic of me on my animal... because I picked a puffin (to be next to Sam) and I looked ridiculous!!  
So... here is everyone else.

Then we went to pet the stink rays... we were told not to pet the baby ones...

 But this baby one loved us SOOOO much... It kept trying to swim up the ledge to us. (we didn't pet it though :) 

Next we visited the hippos.

and Colby bought this CRAZY hat!! (G'ma Gail... They are picking out their own souvenirs ;)

This is just the beginning.  MANY more adventures to come.

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