Friday, August 26, 2011

How the 13th turned out to be lucky...

On the morning of August 13, I sat in my hotel's continental breakfast area with my boys watching the weather report.


Rain on my brother's wedding day.

I was sad... they had planned... and practiced ...for an outside wedding ...on the bluff ...looking over Lake Michigan... and one minuscule word was going to ruin it all... Rain.

Pictures were to start for the guys at 11:30.
The rain started at 10:00.
Not light misty rain.... No. Hard torrential rain.

I call my brother, Tim, "So... what's the plan?"
"We're getting married on the bluff!!!"

11:30 comes... The rain stops.
The guys get their pictures done.

Pictures for the girls were to start at 12:45.
12:20 - Rain. a nice, steady rain.

I call my brother, Tim, "So... what's the plan?"
"We're getting married on the bluff!!! Tell everyone to come to the bluff. You have pictures in 20 minutes."

12:45 comes... The rain stops.
Pictures end for us girls around 1:30... as guest begin to arrive... so does the rain...

People carrying umbrellas.
Looking. Wondering... if it will be moved inside.
But I already knew the answer... so I wasn't going to be the one to ask again.

At 2:00... the time Xuan was to walk down the aisle... the rain stopped... the sky blued.
She looked stunning!!(Like all brides should be)

They had a little silliness... as all wedding should have. (Check out the ring barer)

By the time they kissed, you would have never known it rained.

I got to see my brother happier than I have ever seen him be...

My siblings and I happily welcomed Xuan to our family.

We got into cars to head for the Vietnamese ceremony.
The sky opened up.
Perfect timing.... because the rest was inside.

My brother has always said the thirteenth was his lucky number... guess it proved to be true.
Tim & Xuan cutting the cake I made


  1. That's fantastic. You're posts always give me a reason to smile....thank you x

  2. I read this post on my phone yesterday on my lunch break. So all I kept reading was in the buff. Now that I have re read the post it makes so much more sense!

  3. Thanks Natasha! :)

    Meg, You crack me up!! :)


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