Sunday, August 14, 2011

Been kissed by the Windy City

I've decided that I will live in Chicago one day...
I just couldn't help myself.
Every where I turned I wanted to smile... the opportunities, the fun, the excitement.
I have never lived in a big city before... I kinda feel like a piece of my life is missing.

I started to talk to the boys about it... mom living in a city, like Chicago.
Nope. They didn't want to hear anything about it.

I asked if they would want to live in a city when they grew up.
Sam was def. out.
Colby was willing... but because he wants to live by Sam when he grows up... and Sam was out, so was Colby.
I'm NOT willing to live my life through my children!!  I want to live my own life!
So... here's to figuring out how to make that happen...

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