Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can you put that thing away?!

Let me just preface with the fact that I am all about breastfeeding.
I breastfed both my boys until they were 15months old.
I diligently pumped.
I did all that was needed to sustain that situation for my children.

With that being said... I was conscious of the fact that not everyone wanted to see my hugely engorged milking machines I called breasts.

At my brother's wedding, I ran into my cousin, A. I honestly probably haven't seen her since she was in my wedding back in 1999.  She has a little one about 5 months old. We stood and chatted for a while.

Later after dinner, when I was walking back to my table, she grabbed my arm.  I, of course, looked down to see who had me. I was completely taken aback when I looked down to see her boob hanging out of her shirt... her son was on her lap... and her boob was just there!!! for God and all creation to see!!!

She says to me, "My husband says that you two have never met... I wanted to introduce you." 

I'm not exactly sure as to what I said in response... because in my head I was thinking, "well... your boob and I haven't been formally introduced either, but I sure do feel like we are getting to know each other quite well."


  1. Dawn,

    I so NEEDED this this morning - woke up at ridiculous o'clock (the sun wasn't even up yet) and this has cheered me up no end.

    Its good to know someone else has a sarcastic running commentary going on in their head too;-)

    Hope you're good x


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