Friday, July 29, 2011


Something I didn't go into a lot of detail yesterday was that my friend, D. went along with the boys and I.
He is going through a rough divorce and he just needed a day away.
I needed an extra person to ride in the Zorb ball because it was required that two people ride.
It seemed like a perfect solution.

The car ride was 3 hours... we spent the time delving into each others' lives farther than we already knew of one another.
We arrived early.
We found a little diner in town.
D. (being the gentleman that he is) picked up the tab.
We looked like the perfect little family... I let people assumed that much.
It's been a long time since I got to "play" in that role... the last time was when I dated Spencer... That ended in February 2010.

From there, we were still early.
It was smokin' hot out... and the water was so inviting...
So I let the boys change into their swimsuits and enjoy the cool refreshment of the spring water.

It was then time to Zorb ball!
I was glad that I had D. along though because once we arrived, the Zorb ball people tried to tell me that Sam couldn't ride because he wasn't tall enough. (It had said nothing of the sorts on their website)
Don't get me wrong... I'm a strong woman and can hold my ground, but it is always nice to have someone else there to back you.
The whole reason we were here was because I had ziplined with Colby and this was Sam's "thing".
So after D. and I convinced the folks that Sam would be fine... that he would hold on tight... they let us go.
Zorb balling took only about 30 minutes total.

We had driven 3 hours... None of us were ready to get back in the car for another 3 hour drive we decided to find a local trail and hike.
We ended up at Alley Spring.
It was gorgeous there!

We climbed in caves.

Colby loves climbing high.. so he was in heaven.

Most of the time, Sam didn't want to be left behind.

Sometimes though, they needed some help getting down.

Overall, it was a great day!

When my bestie called to ask how I would describe the day with D. along... all I could say was, "Comfortable."
It's been a long time since I have been able to say that...

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  1. It sounds like a great day! Beautiful pictures. It's so nice that you were able to have your friend along with you. Do I sense that there may be a little something more or is it too soon to tell?


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