Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just call me Jane Jetson... Now where is my morning mask??

Some of you may not have realized this...
But Facebook and Skype have paired up and now FB allows for video chat.

I Skype.
I think it's great.
My brother texts me and asks me to get on and chat.

It's my brother... No biggie if I don't look glamorous.
Anyone else... well, I straight up tell them "no" if I am looking rough.
Another reason why I don't get on Skype very often.

Now FB is a different story...I'm on FB every day!
So, today, when I downloaded this feature all I could think of was an episode of The Jetsons where Jane Jetson got a video call right after she got out of bed.

Here... watch... forward to 4:30

I guess if I am going to become a frequent user of video chat on FB I'm gonna have to find me a "morning mask."

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