Friday, July 1, 2011

Losing my footing

You know how when you are on a mountain peak and you start to head down... you plan to slowly walk down it, taking your time, but sometimes you stumble and that slow journey becomes a fast messy tumble.

Yeah... that is how I am feeling tonight.

I have spent the entire week with adults having a great time.
Not one second was I alone.

I had forgotten how much I need that.

Summer "officially" started for me today.
I had nothing planned.
I slept most of the day.
I looked ahead to the long weekend and became even more depressed.

You see... I have always known that I crave human interaction, but I never knew it was such a requirement for my daily repertoire.

I even started thinking that maybe I should go start a summer job.
How silly is that?
To go get a job and work the one month I have off just to have adult human interaction.

I know my friends will all be back after this weekend and things will feel semi-normal.
But I just wish I didn't have to tumble before I get my footing back.

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