Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When you thought life couldn't get any more confusing

About a month ago, B.P. and I had a falling out.

Before the falling out, we were probably the closest we had been... almost best friends to each other.
Then he finally decided he wanted to give it a go and start dating me, but then got upset that I had dated other people.

Now let me just tell you... that B.P. and I went on our first date back in April 2010.
I was the first person he dated after his divorce.

He clearly wasn't ready.
I was good with that.

The problem was that even though he wasn't ready, I guess he wanted me to sit around and wait till he was ready.
Yeah... that's a no go.

Don't get me wrong... there is this undeniable electricity between us.
It's crazy.
and We feel like we have known each other forever.

Yet, every time it seemed like he was ready, he pulled back.
In May, I gave him the whatfor and he said it was probably best if we were just friends and we basically ceased contact.

This week, he has all of a sudden decided he was "ready"  and then got upset that I wasn't going to drop all of my set plans because he wanted to see me and be with me.

I wish I didn't have such a strong attraction and bond with him... it would be easier to walk away and not look back ...if it wasn't like that.
But it is... and I can see me losing myself in him if we did date.

So how do I move past this... and him... without feeling a void?

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