Monday, July 11, 2011

Things I've been called...

As a baby, I was told I was called charismatic... my mother said people were just drawn to me... I had a beautiful smile and an ease about me.

As a child, I was called an "old soul" ... I would sit quietly among the adults and absorb in their conversations. I did hard things like announce the death of loved ones to other family members...  Not in a loud-boastful way, but more of a calm-concerned-for-others-around-me sort of way.

I've been told I'm empathetic. I have a good listening ear... and occasionally give some advice that actually makes sense.

I've been called quick-witted. I think fast on my feet and sometimes find myself suppressing my sarcasm as it comes to me even when the time is inappropriate. I do, however, reveal in the laughter that my wit brings to others.

I've been called sharp-tongued. That same quick-wit that pushes humor through also allows for mean spirited comments when I feel like a cornered animal.  This part of me isn't shown often... but when it is, it is fierce.

I've been called outgoing.  What most don't know is that I have had to work myself into this position.  Now, by the time I leave a room full of people, I am normally known throughout. As a child, I hid behind my mother.  As a teenager, I clung to the walls... but all along I was watching... learning... seeing the folks that I wished I could be more like.  What I learned is the people I most wanted to be like did not hesitate when it came to walking up to others and starting a conversation... they had an ease... a confidence about them.  I still have to suppress that fearful soul to allow the outgoing person to shine.

I've been called mindful.  I have truly started to look inward the last couple of years.  I find enjoyment in the small things.  I seek out adventure and am open to any experience.  I sometimes feel like I am living my life in reverse.  I was hesitant... scared to try new things when I was younger.  I now don't feel like I have time for those emotions.  I see every challenge as an opportunity.

I've been called many things... some positive... some negative... most true... but the things I've been called are only a reflection of who I truly am... so I am trying to make sure I am proud of what others are calling me.

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