Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kindness... pass it on

"25.47" the cashier repeats.
The woman's face flushes.
She glances downward at the bills in her hand.
Then she turns to her elderly mother, "Mom, figure out what we can put back... just one thing and we'll be fine."
At the risk of intruding, I ask, "How much do you need?"
"Ummmm... 47 cents"
"Here, I've got it." I say, digging before the woman can respond.
"Thank you so much!!"

As the woman and her mother walk away, everyone around is surprised by the kindness and starts to vocalize how wonderful it was that I did that... I would hope that if I hadn't, someone else would have.

An elderly man works behind the lemonade stand.
One after another folks walk up, place their order, pay, get their drink and leave.
No conversation is passed between them.
The man barely looks up at them.
It's mundane... one after another.
I step up to his stand.
"It's a hot one out, huh?  I come to your cart every time I come here 'cause you have the best frozen lemonade here!  I don't like that fake stuff."
He looks up at me and smiles... you can tell this is the first real conversation he has had all day.
"Well, then, This one's on me." he says.
I reach out to shake his hand and to thank him.
He holds on.
I smile and and give his hand a little squeeze.
"Thanks. You made my day." he says.
"No, thank you... you made mine."

Remember... it's not the big things that mean the world...

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