Saturday, July 3, 2010

Will someone PLEASE turn off that flashing neon sign!?

**Just realized this is my 300th post... Guess it should have been something special. Instead you just got the real me, along with my real confusions. Hope you enjoyed it either way! :)***

I want to know if there is some kind of alarm ...or siren ...or flashing sign that goes off when a gal is feeling just a little bit lonely???

`Cause here I am, knowing that the holiday weekend is coming up, and even though I have plans... they don't include my boys or a significant other.

To start off with, I hear from J.
He emails me on Match.
He says he just wants to say, "Hey."
Then he follows it up with "DON'T FREAK OUT!"

I didn't freak out.
He was a nice guy, just not the guy for me.
I told him good luck with his search.

Then yesterday morning, I open up FB and I have an email from Spencer (my ex boyfriend) asking me to spend the 4th with him at the lake.

We had fond memories at the lake. He knows that.

He told me I was the best thing he ever let get away.
He told me he had gotten a promotion at work.

All things were said to reel me back in.

I told him congratulations and that I have plans for the 4th.

I sat and stared at the send button for what seemed like hours.
I read and reread what I had written.
I wanted to make sure it wasn't rude, but at the same time it wasn't encouraging additional feedback.

He is someone that will always be part of who I am... I just don't plan on him being part of my future.

Then I also get an email from this guy ("Laser") that I went to HS with. We went on a date before Spencer and I started dating.
He tells me he is coming to town next week.
Right after Spencer and I broke up, he told me he had "unfinished business" with me.
It makes me giggle considering I never even kissed the guy.
I don't know if I will meet up with him or not.

I kinda feel like past ghosts are just coming back to haunt me... and all I want it to find a new decent guy...
Where's the flashing neon sign for that???

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  1. Oh man. Guys. Maybe you should just find a really good girlfriend and spend the day with her, laughing and having a good time.


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