Thursday, July 8, 2010

uncharted territory

I realized that I have never gone on a date like this before...

I dated one guy in high school. It was a long distance relationship. We didn't hang out like normal HS couples because when he came to town or I went to see him, we wanted the time filled with fun things.

In college, I dated R. (my ex) and then I married him. We did a lot of hanging out in the dorms because we were too poor to do anything else.

Since my divorce, I have gone on a lot of dates... but what I realized last night is that they have all been with guys I met online or kinda already knew.

So before I went out with them, I already knew a lot about them!

I know very little about this guy, besides the fact that he is related to one of my son's teammates and that he works at the college I attended. I mean, I know that is what dating is all about - to get to know the other person, but I will really be starting at square one here!

Also... we are going to dinner and a movie. I realized that I have never done this on a first date before! I've gone for a lot of coffee ...and lunches ...and even a few dinners. But never dinner and a movie. I don't know what is expected of me in the movie!!!

Is it strange that I am worried about that???

I, of course, have tried on every outfit in my closet.... and then I went shopping, just to make the decision that much harder.

I know things will go fine... and if they don't, I have a feeling it will have something to do with the white skirt I am planning on wearing. (yes, I can be a mess sometimes...but the skirt is cute!!)

So any advice??? Cause for some reason I feel like I am in uncharted territory here.


  1. Enjoy the dinner, and if he tries to get all lovey dovey in the theater, you DON'T have to allow it. Unless he is totally hot and you just want to jump his bones :)

  2. Just be yourself and if you see any red flags call me. Enjoy yourself because you deserve it.


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