Friday, July 2, 2010

What do an airline stewardess, camping, and a vampire movie all have in common??

...That would be my friend, Laura.
She is my compadre', my bestie, my wing man. (yes, I have a wing man!)

So...I'm gonna blame her for not blogging very much lately.

You see, she has been keeping me busy. (Not that I'm complaining!)

First of all, we both taught summer school ~First graders coming into second. Most days we taught separately, but on those days that we thought the end would never come. We taught together.
Here's Laura demonstrating how to do an art project.

She seriously looked and sounded like an airline stewardess when they are demonstrating safety features...
How they keep repeating in monotone.
She kept saying, "Please follow along with me... and fold...and fold."

Maybe I am easily amused. But I was cracking up!!!
(Yes, she is going to kill me for putting these pics up of her, but she knows being my friend makes you fair game! )

We also headed out camping a couple of weekends ago.

Everything started out great (including me spending 50 bucks on food just for the weekend.~yeah... never go shopping when you are hungry!!)

I have only been camping with my children once.

I went all the time as a kid and in college, but camping with kids is completely different! The prep for it is insane!!!

We survived a huge thunderstorm that decided to roll in.

...and got to see a double rainbow because of it.

I, personally, was entertained by Laura and Hans' synchronization.

The only real complaint I had about the whole weekend (beside the hour long down pour) was the fact they stuck me with the little lawn chair... something about me forgetting to bring my own...

Lastly, Laura and I headed out with two of our fellow teachers (Laura W. & Michelle) to see Eclipse.
(Michelle, Laura W., Me, & Laura E.)

We have all read the books...yadda, yadda, schmackity schmack.

I'm not a huge, gagga, going-stir-crazy-for-the-movie type of gal, but any excuse to hang out with the people I teach with on a daily basis outside of the school walls...I'm in!

Yeah, here Laura E. and I are making fun of the Laura W. and Michelle because this is what they did at the 2nd movie... and why wouldn't you want to make fun of someone holding a popcorn bucket??

Now mind you, we stood in line for over two hours. We had to keep ourselves entertained one way or other. (Trust me, not a problem for us!!) I pulled a fake snake out repeatedly just to watch Michelle jump out of her skin. (Man...I wish I would have gotten it on video)

I got a few other people in line as well. (*clearing throat* not on purpose, of course!)
Good times. Good times.

If I was rating the night, the movie = 7.5 ...the entertainment from my friends = 10!

And there you have it... the reasons why I haven't been blogging lately... Don't kick Laura's a** she's just trying to be a good friend! :)


  1. 1st Grade has SUMMER SCHOOL??? bad is a kid academically that they need summer school at that level?

    I could not imagine camping with my kids. Getting stuff together for me is crazy emough...throw in all the kid related stuff you need and I'd go insane

  2. It's always nice when you can have a good time out with the girls. Especially if there is a ton of laughter going on. good times


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