Friday, July 23, 2010

Egg on my face

I love to have my boys help out around the house.
Sam is very insistent in helping cook... which is great, I think, because I have dated enough guys that have NO clue how to even boil water!!
This morning Sam wanted scrambled eggs. He asked if he could help.

"Of course... let Mom show you how to crack open the eggs."

I helped him with the first one. The second, he wanted to do on his own.

He just barely tapped it on the edge of the counter and then pushed with his thumb with all his might.

Egg went flying... and landed on me... oozing down my head and face.

These were my boys' reactions.

(I won't post the pic of me... it wasn't pretty.)

Here's what landed in the bowl.

Guess he needs a little more practice...

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