Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moving on...

He affects me... mentally, emotionally, physically.
He knows this.
He was an integral part of my life for 2 years... one of which we dated.

For whatever reason, he chose to come read my blog this morning.

He saw that I was moving on.
I don't know if that is what prompted his emails or not.
But he also decided to also text me... for 2 hours.

He said he wanted to win me back.

I've decided that I don't want a relationship with someone where there will be winners and losers... cause I seem to always come out on the losing end of that.

He said he had thought about buying a ring and coming to propose.

Again, I told him there was no reason. We weren't together and wouldn't be together.

He told me he loved me and that he that he wanted to get together for lunch sometime.

I told him that wouldn't make things easier for any of us. Healing is a process that no one else can do for you.

I have been sick to my stomach since that time. Not because I made the wrong decision, but because it was hard... and it was conflict ...and I hate conflict!

I made the right decision, I know.
Now to get rid of this heartache... and headache ...and stomachache and focus on the new possibilities!

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  1. I wish guys would get a clue. At least you are holding strong with him.


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