Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ma'am we need to check your bag...

So I'm headed to visit my brother in Wisconsin.

I plan everything out... I follow the airport's guidelines and have my liquids packed and ready.

My bag goes through the machine.

I get flagged.

I'm told I will need to wait as they look through my bag.

I keep thinking, "What could have caught their attention? I just have clothes in there."

Until they open my little purse that I had stowed away my tampons in.

Yep, that's right...My tampons almost became a breach of airport security.

You could tell the guard was embarrassed that he had stopped me for such things.

It actually made me giggle.


  1. I think they just like to "freak people out". My son and his new wife got the "we are searching your bags" this weekend when they left on their honeymoon. I told them that it was probably because they looked like newlyweds and they wanted to find something scandalous in their bags. Ha

  2. I guess its a good / bad thing.

    I hate all the delays that have become the "norm" at the airport.
    If I'm gonna fly I want to know or it to appear at the very least that I am safe.

    PS I would of laughed my ass off.

  3. They so over due security anymore. It is such a joke!

  4. LOL, did they think they were little mini missiles??

  5. I smuggled a camera into a mettallica concert in a box of tampons once. I was surprised the secruioty guys didn't check it because it was a HUGE box of super absorbancy extra wides with wings that filled the whole purse. As if...


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