Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What I know

I'm excited for my date tomorrow!

I'm not exactly sure if I truly like the guy or not or if I just like the idea of him...

I know I like that he calls and he texts me...

I know that I like that he wants to do adventurous things with me (we are going ziplining)

I know that I like that he is a gentleman.

...and that he thinks my clumsiness is cute. :)

But I don't feel like I know him yet...

I know that comes with time.

I also know that my heart is still guarded.

I won't let that guard down until I know he can be trusted.

I'm not sure if that will happen for a long time.

He asked me if I would ever consider getting back with Spencer.

I told him, "No. That door has closed."


  1. ziplinging sounds fun. I can't remember, did you say he's been married before?

  2. yes, and he has a 12 year old daughter from his marriage.


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