Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dogsitting ISN'T what it used to be!!

So... I've been dog sitting this week... It's for my friend Laura. I have dog sat Buddy before.
He isn't up to his old tricks though... he has completely new ones up his sleeve.

I mean look!

He thinks he is completely part of our family now!
He is such a baby-hog!
All I wanted to do was hold my niece, but NOOOOOO! Buddy had to!
And do you think he shared any of the baptism cake??
Ha. You'd be fooling yourself!

He insisted that he come to the amusement park with us... something about meeting his idol.

And then, I come home the other night and he is wanting to know which outfit looks best.
He told me he was headed out to a party and not to wait up.
I mean... am I watching a teenager or a dog here???

I mean, really, who would have thought dog sitting would bring such challenges????


  1. Too freakin funny. LOVE IT! Almost wet myself.

    thanks for the laugh.

  2. lol, nice photoshopping skills!!

  3. I almost woke up my husband from laughing so hard of Buddy dressed as Scooby LOL

  4. Found you from SITS. I'm a divorced mom of two also. And a teacher. And I have a dog similar to your, but female. Craziness! I'm looking forward to keeping up with your blog!

  5. Ever since Buddy stayed with you, he has turned into such a fame whore. He keeps wanting me to take his picture. What's up with that?


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