Monday, May 3, 2010

Something that hasn't happened for a LONG time (good & bad)


I took the day off.

I went to my CHILDREN'S school... not to teach, not to present, but to be a mom.

I got to see MY son get an award presented to him.

I got to be the parent volunteer that DIDN'T know the routine or what was going on.

I GOT to see my son's face beam as his classmate asked him if HIS mom could push them on the swings.

I wish there were MORE days like this...

Unfortunately...I get to see OTHER people's children get the awards, follow the routine, and beam at the parent volunteer most days.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job...It just makes me sad that I miss out on my own kids because of it.


I swear the bird species is out to get me!

In high school, it was nothing for me to hit a bird with my car.

But it hasn't happened in a LONG time...until today.

I was driving back from being at my boys' school.

Up ahead I saw 2 buzzards enjoying their noon meal of road kill.

As I approached, BOTH took fight.

One, however, flew straight for me!

It hit my windshield with a strong THUD.

I did not happily snicker or laugh like I did way back when...because my windshield was covered in blood...and I had been eating.

1 Dead bird = 1 lost appetite.


  1. What a multi-faceted post. Sweet AND gross.

    So glad you got to take a day off and be there at your son's school. I'm sure that meant the world to him. And still kind of shuttering at the idea of the buzzard. The closest I've ever come to one was from watching The Jungle Book. My bird nemesis has always been Canadian Geese. They took over the area where I grew up. Can't say I'd be too broken up if I hit one of them. Of course I've never seen them actually fly and they're so big they'd probably total my car...

  2. I always think about those first days of school I missed. My MIL always took my little ones to their first day of kindergarten.

    As I was always in my own classroom. :-(

  3. That is a great picture of Colby! And the bird? GROSS!!!

  4. I think its awesome you took the day off. Good for you.

    AS for the "bird". I have hit a dog before. Actually someone else hit it first and threw it into my car and then I hit it. My kids were in the car. It was horrible.


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