Friday, May 28, 2010

a game worth playing?

The male species confuses the hell out of me sometimes.

I call or text. He is busy.

I don't call or text. He blows up my phone.

But once into the conversation, if I show any interest in getting together, then he is done.

It is a game to him. I see that.

So why do I keep playing??


  1. Do ya really wanna know? Self esteem. Once you realize just how valuable and precious you are, YOU will develop attitude and "I'm special and if you can see that, get out of my face and life 'cause I'm not playing." If he can't see your worth and want to pursue you, walk away. He's not worth your valuable time. You are worth pursuing.

  2. I think perhaps its just a matter of clear communication with one another. Gender has got nothing to do with it, as sometimes the mind can play a lot of tricks. If you are both honest from the start, and explain what is going on, than things can turn out to work quite well. The trick is not to see it as a game, but as something worth working for. If of course you believe it is worth working for. Hope that it all clears and that you at least understand each other.


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