Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rough day

I had a rough day today...

Things didn't go as planned.

Instead of being able to leave immediately from school, we had to pull kids back off buses to duck and cover... until 4pm :(

And I was in charge of the middle schoolers... and their cell phones... and their attitudes when I ask them to put their cell phones away.

Finally, when all of the lovely cell phone carrying children were back on the buses to head home, I got a phone call saying the boys' ball game was cancelled... so I went to work on the closet that I will be sharing with a new teacher next year.

It didn't quite look like this: (but I felt like it did.)

So...once I was knee deep in piles of books and trash, R. (my ex) called to say the game was back on.
I couldn't just drop everything and leave. (because I was in an utter mess)

By the time I had things semi-decent, I was then running late to the boys' game.
I got there just in time to see both boys come up to bat and run the bases.

Then the dugout mom asked if I had remembered it was my turn to provide the snacks.
I hadn't.

So I left the game to make a quick run to Wal-Mart. Ha!
Wal-mart had too few lines open and too many customers.
I stood in line for 20 minutes.

I arrived back at the ball field only for the game to be over. No kids (besides my own)to eat the snacks I just bought and I missed the rest of the ballgame.

Needless to say, I was not happy. My ex got the brunt of my pissiness. He kept saying he was not in charge of the snack schedule (even though he is the coach).
I wasn't really mad at him, but at everything. He kept saying he was sorry.
(It didn't help that he asked the boys if they were ready to go home and swim and when I gave him a raised eyebrow, he told me they had gotten a pool.)

It wasn't right to take it out on him, but there is some sort of comfort knowing that there is someone out there that I can be pissed off at...and it isn't going to change how things are between us.
I just kinda wish it wasn't my ex.


  1. Wow that is a sucky day. I tell the sportsman the same thing, he is around just for me to take things out on him. and be supportive in my rantings.

    Hope today is a better day.


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