Saturday, May 22, 2010

My sense of adventure

When I was a kid, my mom used to joke and say, "Oh, you're going somewhere? You want someone to join you? Well...don't worry! Dawn will go. It doesn't matter if it is a trip to Wal-mart or a trip across the country, she will be there in the seat beside you, ready to roll!"

My mom attested it to me not wanting to miss anything! I just knew what would be happening at home... but I didn't know what would be wherever anyone was headed.

I guess it is the sense of adventure in me.
I just like to go....whether it be planned or unplanned.
That and I like to make unscheduled adds to the adventures.

So I wasn't completely surprised by the fact that my friends made fun of me when I said I wanted to head to Cleveland, Ohio this summer to go eat at Momocho (a mod Mexican restaurant).

They wanted to know what else was there in Cleveland. Was there a man I wasn't telling them about?? Surprisingly, I said, "No, the food there just sounds delicious. Isn't that reason enough to go?"

I mean doesn't a 13 hour road trip to eat at a restaurant you have never eaten at before sound like fun??


  1. Not big on road trips, feel like I'd need to stop to pee every 2 -3 hours (small bladder). If the food is freakin' amazing, I guess it's worth it, but there's gotta be great food closer than that, no?
    You can channel your sense of adventure into something more constructive... wanna road trip to Chicago, I have loads of closets to clean, LOL.

  2. Perhaps, perhaps. But they better have some pretty dam good guacamole. Hey, my wife made me drive her 3 hours to Tijuana just for some street vendor tacos and a beer. But then again, if I had to add on 10 hours to that drive....well I would have just flew instead.

  3. Sometimes a girl just needs a 13 hour road trip. (Of course, if she's taking her two boys she might want to stretch it over a few days. Or maybe that's just me!)

  4. I've gone further for less! ;)

  5. I'd go with you!

  6. Mashuga, I would LOVE a trip to the windy city...but NOT to clean!

    Surfer Jay, What fun is flying?? Then you miss everything in between!! :P

    ck, I'm adventurous, NOT crazy!!!

    Erin, I KNOW you have!! %^D

    Zuzu, I'll fill you in with details when I have them :)


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