Sunday, December 18, 2011

Laughing 15 secs adds 2 days to your life span... guess I'm 2 days richer

I laughed so hard today!
The kind of laughter that just belts out of you.
Like you didn't know it was there... until it was.

A year ago, when I dated The Professor.
He professed his love for me after less than a month of meeting.
I told him, "Thank you."

It became a joke quickly thereafter... people always saying that they loved me just to make me feel uncomfortable and to get me to say "Thank you".
After a few months, the jeering stopped.

So, today, I was texting my cousin setting up plans for the weekend.
I texted, "Ok. Thank you."
In response, I got, "You don't have to say thank you.  It's not like I said I love you... :)"

...and that, my friends, is why I love my family.

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