Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Social Experiment #1

I didn't head out into the world today thinking to myself, "Let's see how the world reacts to this one." 
But that's exactly what happened.

You see...

A friend of mine (who is quite a bit older than I am - old enough to be my dad) asked me to come and help pick out a Christmas present for his wife.

I told him I would love to... just not to blame me when his wife didn't like it. LOL

He wanted to buy her a new sweater. (The main reason he wanted female input on his decision)

So, we started shopping...
I know the kinds of clothes his wife wears, but I really didn't want to be the ultimate decision maker.  So I would walk slightly behind him following his lead and then give my opinion when asked. H
was the one picking up and looking at the clothing.  All I did was stand and hold conversation.
We were greeted in all the stores, but what I quickly began to realize was that 
all of the employees looked right past him and directly at me when giving their sales pitch.

That's when my social experiment began...
Every store thereafter, I would 
purposely place him in the middle of the sales person and myself.
I had to giggle when this one sales woman kept peering around him trying to make eye contact with me and I kept adjusting accordingly, while he stood there listening intently to her sales pitch the whole entire time.

I mean, sure.  We were in women's clothing stores.  So, it would only make sense that they talk to me.  
But in the same sense 
he was listening.
I don't know... it just made me laugh. 

The other thing that made me laugh was when we finally found a sweater, we went to the register to pay.  The sales clerk was a young bubbly 20 year old.

I know people.
They make assumptions.
I'm sure most of them assumed we were "together"... and young gal and her "sugar daddy".

So... when we went to check out, the sales clerk was being all bubbly nice to me while he paid.
Then... he asked for a gift receipt.

The smile fell off the clerk's face.

Her brows furrowed.
You could see her wheels turning.
She glanced up, saw me watching and quickly regained her composure and replied, "Oh. Okay. Sure." 

But you could still see her wheels turning.
I laughed with him afterwards as I recounted what had happened.  I attested my social experiment to being quiet as a kid and 
always watching people's reaction to situations... now that I'm no longer quiet, I want to test out my long ago theories.

Sooo... Who wants to be in my next social experiment??
You know you want to ;) 

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