Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I REALLY don't think I'm a hoarder

I'm being serious... I really don't think I am!

(First step: admitting you have a problem - FAIL)

You see... I don't hold onto everything... just things that I think MIGHT one day have good use.
I tend to keep clothes in my closet for years.

(Wait. Wait. let me explain.)

I tend have a style all my own... old things tend to show up into new outfits.

I also tend to save random things that seem they would have no use on their own, but show up later in
fantastical creations of my own.

(Yes. I did just use the word 'fantastical' )

For example:
Who knew that back in 2007 when Colby was Captain Hook


My needing to be in a sterile 'bunny suit' for Colby's tonsil surgery in 2010
(Yeah... okay. I didn't have to wear the ears... but the nurses called it a "Bunny Suit" and I was trying to make Colby laugh even though he was in pain... It's what moms do.)

would lead to This Frosty outfit in 2011???

Who said hoarding was a bad thing??

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