Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Photo Props make the World go round

So... I hosted my school's Christmas party.
It's something I do every year.
I love coming up with new things for us to do or try.

This year I came up with using Photo Props.

I mean, I love taking pics, and I have recently gotten back into making crafty things... so I figured why not?

I spend one of my insomniac nights (yes, I'm back to not sleeping again) creating these.
Who doesn't love a little Santa & Rudolf??

What can I say??  My friends and I are obsessed with mustaches. 
Then I gave instructions and let the fun happen.

Even Buddy the dog got involved

Oh Fu Man Chu, we love you!!

Yeah... we had a great time!!

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  1. Oh, such cute ideas! And everyone seemed to really have fun with it. I think I'll try something like this at our next family gathering!


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