Monday, December 12, 2011

a little email from Santa to seal the deal

I'm normally really honest when it comes to my kids and questions that they ask.
Santa is my one vice.
I can't help it.
I just love the joy and excitement on my kids' faces.
I just love the sneaking around and getting ready for 'the big reveal'.

Sam is still in full fledged believing mode.
Colby, however, is wavering... not to the point that he will actually admit that he doesn't believe... because I have always said, "Santa doesn't bring gifts to those who don't believe."

He doesn't.
I mean that statement could be justified as truth. *grinning*

So, yeah... I wanted to seal the deal.
The other day I created a PNP.

What's PNP?  You might ask?
Stands for 'Portable North Pole'.
It's a little video where Santa is the star... and he just happens to know you child's name, age, location... and what they want for Christmas.

So I created one for Sam... with all good intentions of creating one for Colby as well...
But the perfect opportunity arose today.
Sam came home and said that he had written a letter to Santa.
Without missing a beat, I said, "Really??  No wonder I got an email from Santa today for you."

Sam's eyes grew big.
Then he looked at me with a raised brow.
"What?" I asked. "Look. It says it's from Santa."
Sam couldn't deny it... It did say the sender's name was, in fact, Santa Claus.
Colby pushed his way through, "Let me see."

I clicked on the video.
I thought, for sure, Santa saying Sam's name would get him... but it didn't.  It was Santa "knowing" that he lived in Missouri.
"How does he know that??" Sam questioned.
"What do you mean? He comes here every Christmas... of course he knows you live in Missouri!!" I said with a twinkle in my eye.

But the part that got Colby was when Santa told Sam that he needed to try extra hard to make sure he got along with his brother.

Yeah... I don't think I need to make Colby's video now.
I think Santa did a find job of convincing with Sam's video.

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