Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reminiscing... the OTHER side of the story

Remember back when I was dating The Professor and he let me in on a little secret?

Well, I decided to put the theory to the test.

I am in contact with all three of those guys that I hung out with in college through Facebook.  We comment on each others' statuses quite often and even email each other every few months.

One of them(D) emailed me the other day and asked how I was doing.
"STRESSED!" I responded.
"Well... maybe you need a massage... I mean I will NEVER forget the one I gave you back in college."

That massage was kinda of a joke between all of us.
I haven't thought about it in years.

See... There was one other guy (G.) that kinda ran around with the four of us.  We were friends with him, but he had come into our group later so we weren't as tight with him.

Now mind you, I went to a VERY strict Christian college. 
If I went to the guys' dorm, I could only go into his lounge ... and vice versa.
We had "Open House" ONCE a semester; where we could visit the opposite sex's rooms... and only with the doors open.
So... when given the chance to hang out without the watchful eye of the RA's, we took it.

G. had invited us all camping one weekend on his parent's land.
After we arrived, G. quickly established that girls would be in this tent and guys would be in that tent.
"What? Really?"
You see... the only girls there were myself and G.'s girlfriend... we thought for sure he would want one tent for the two of them.
So... after we got there and sat around the bonfire for a while, G and his gf, "went on a walk."
(Okay, actually.... knowing G... they really did go on a walk.)

So, D., T., and I decided to take turns giving each other massages.
Now don't go ALL dirty on me... we were seriously just giving massages!  ...Remember none of us "liked" each other in that way!

So I gave each one of the guys a massage. 
Then it was my turn.
(Think G-rated massage here!)

Right when I was just about asleep from being so relaxed, G. came barreling into the tent.
"What is going on in here??!!  Separate tents!  Girls!" (pointing to the other tent) "Guys!" (pointing downward) "I think it is time for everyone to be in their tents!!!!"

I stumbled out of the "guys" tent over to mine. 
My legs were like jello.
I have never had a massage like that... or one like that since.

D, T, and I laughed and laughed about it for months because we weren't the ones that needed separate tents.

So, when D. said, "I mean I will NEVER forget the one I gave you back in college."

I remembered the joke... but I also remembered The Professor's secret.
So... I asked.
"What do you remember about that night? Do you mind giving me your perspective?"

D. went on to tell me about how much he like me back in college and....
I had to stop him. "What??!  I had no idea!! Why didn't you tell me?"
"I don't know... I did almost once, but I chickened out... and then shortly thereafter our group broke up."

I sat in my living room and laughed.
So, The Professor had been right...

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